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SBMAV Disk cleaner

Advanced hard disk cleaner for Windows that can safely clean your disk!
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17 September 2007

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    SBMAV Disk cleaner this powerful disc clean up utility program finds and removes unwanted clutter from your system.
    Most of the times un-noticed, un-necessary and obsolete information occupies your precious disk space and makes your system slow and sluggish. But not any more, this powerful tool not only finds these files but it also removes them, thereby reclaiming your disc space. The efficiency of this tool attributes to its amazing features like; deletes temporary files and folders, search and delete invalid links to deleted documents, it traces un-installed softwares and removes, disables or enables seldom used fonts, deletes cookies and removes duplicate files. This tool can also be automated by the command-line henceforth saving your precious time too.
    This total disk clean-up solution is a boon for advanced users as well as the novice users who feel comfortable with its simple interface.

Publisher's description

SBMAV Disk Cleaner is an advanced hard disk cleaner for Windows that can safely clean your disk! It is designed to clean a hard drive of various informational trash having no importance, which simply clutters the disks. Using this software, you can search for and delete temporary system files and folders from the system (as well as files left over from other applications), search for and delete incorrect shortcuts (which refer to non-existent files and folders), uninstall software, delete unneeded cookies, and find file duplicates.The software also helps you work with user files: detect and delete old backup copies and documents, perform searches for file duplicates using different parameters, and then detect and delete unnecessary files.
SBMAV Disk cleaner
SBMAV Disk cleaner
Version 3.2
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